About Us

I have had a passion for fashion since as far back as I can remember. In my early twenties I was lucky enough to land a job to work for one of top designers in the world. It was the most amazing and exciting experience of my life. I got to wear the clothes that I always dreamed of wearing, I would go to runway shows, and I met so many amazing people.

When my daughter became a young teen she also fell in love with fashion. And boy does she have a good eye for it. She also loves fashion design and aims to make her own designs come to life in the future.

So together we decided to open an online boutique and bring our love for fashion to you. We hope to give you a beautiful experience through our clothing. We are geared more toward neutrals with a splash of color.

We may have some flops here and there as we are navigating though this journey but we promise we will get it right and you will love everything you buy from our little shop. 

Donna & Madison

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